Keith Haring

by Bridget L. Goodbody for Art Intelligence

Get into the groove of the 80s
with pop-art activist Keith Haring.


Explore the app that puts Keith Haring’s life and times at your fingertips: from the fallout of Three Mile Island, the birth of MTV, and the highs and lows of the Reagan years to the emergence of New York’s club scene, the ascendance of Basquiat, Grace Jones, and Warhol’s children, and, finally, to the tragic toll of AIDS that claimed the lives of the most beloved talents of a generation.


Experience the time of Keith’s life. Trace the world events. Not just Harvey Milk and Act Up, but also Mandela and Tutu. Reaganomics. The assassination of Sadat and the attempts on Pope and the President. Experience the parties, players, and politics of AIDs drugs. See it the way Keith lived it.


From graffiti outlaw to pop superstar, Keith Haring celebrated life through art, put the active into activism, and changed the world forever. Learn more about his life story in pictures and words.

What People Are Saying

Jennifer Landes, East Hampton Star

“A treasure trove of art history, at your fingertips.”

Maddie Phinney, artcritical

“… decidedly comprehensive and dynamic… now not even geography can preclude the digital consumer from getting a piece of Keith Haring.”

“… well beyond the traditional coffee table art book…, delivering far greater depth… An essential for fans.”

About the Author

About the Author

Bridget L. Goodbody, Ph.D., is the Founder and CEO of Art Intelligence. Prior to establishing Art Intelligence, she worked as an art critic (most notably for the New York Times) and as an art history professor (Columbia, Rutgers, and the Chinese University of Hong Kong).

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