Patricia Piccinini


Discover the brave new world of bio-tech baby love and re-evolution with Patricia Piccinini.


Dive into (gene) pool and explore the next generation of biotech-inspired art with Patricia Piccinini. Discover the science, ethics, and history that inspired it: the Human Genome Project, the first cloning success and the political repercussions, the controversies of stem cell research, gene patenting, and more.


Take a journey through the future of art and genetics. Discover the science, ethics, and history behind the latest advances in biogenetics. The Human Genome Project. The first successful cloning. The political debates over stem cell research and the patenting of genes. Ready or not, the future is here.


Patricia Piccinini uses her art to explore the science and ethics of genetic engineering. Patricia interest in medical science began early, when her mother was diagnosed with cancer. Her mother went through many years of experimental treatments, but doctors were unable to save her. The disappointment she felt towards the medical community sparked a lifelong desire to understand the impact of science in our lives. Learn more about her journey in pictures and words.


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About the Author

About the Author

Bridget L. Goodbody, Ph.D., is the Founder and CEO of Art Intelligence. Prior to establishing Art Intelligence, she worked as an art critic (most notably for the New York Times) and as an art history professor (Columbia, Rutgers, and the Chinese University of Hong Kong).

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