The Art Intelligence RX

The doctor is always in at Art Intelligence. We’re here 24/7 to help you create exquisite art apps.

You can build your art apps yourself. Or you can hire us to help. Either way, our custom, SaaS-based subscription solutions make it simple to turn your mobile dreams into an affordable, do-able reality.

Every subscription includes full access to our DIY app builder.*

Start generating art apps. Today.

  • Art App Builder

    All features. All the time. No added fees.

  • Multiple Contributors

    One administrator and three editors.

  • Storage

    300 pieces of media per edition.

  • Content Updates

    API for frequent updates.

  • Software Updates

    Regular software updates.

  • Support

    Email and phone support.

  • Distribution

    via Art Intelligence developer account.

  • Social Sharing

    All from within your app.

  • Analytics

    Monthly reports about downloads.

  • 15% transaction fee

    Only when you charge for your art apps.

*Contact us about discounts for multiples and enterprise.

We also offer concierge services, if you need them:

Content Creation

Art Intelligence will build an editorial team to craft your art app, from strategy and concept to distribution and marketing. We can even develop curricula.

Quality Assurance

Getting your art app up to your high standards isn’t easy. But our expert team of copy writers, copy editors and proofreaders are up for the challenge.

Ready to get started?

We’re excited to help you curate and create mobile app art-stories. All-in-One Place. All-in-One Platform. All-over the World.

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